Gather Strength and Create Future - Sitong New Material 2019 New Year Appreciation Dinner

Gather Strength and Create Future -Sitong New Material 2019 New Year Appreciation Dinner

“Spring returned, fresh starts foreverything” , on January 22nd, Zhejiang Sitong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. held a 2019 New Year Appreciation Dinner at Gangli Hotel. The theme of theappreciation dinner is "Gather Strength and Create Future". The staffof Sitong New Materials, as well as the invited guests, gathered together toenjoy the dinner; to grasp the present and look forward to a better future.


We looked back on glory and harvest ofthe past year 2018; and we welcomed the coming year 2019 with will and hope. Inthe new year, with passion and challenge, Sitong New Materials will step intonew platform and write a new chapter.

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Mr. Tang Liang, General Manager ofSitong New Materials, came to the stage to deliver a New Year message! Hereviewed the journey of 2018, affirmed our achievements. Sitong New Materialshas made steady advancement, integrated design, manufacture and sales business,the professional technical team has long been engaged in the development andresearch of carpet yarn products and devoted to build brand. Sitong New Materials wouldnot make such achievements without the support of all colleagues, and thefuture growing of Sitong still need all colleagues to cooperate. Sitong hasentered a relatively stable strategic development period, we should clarifydevelopment goals, and unswervingly taking the road of strengthening our mainbusiness.

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The entire annual meeting was successfully concluded inan atmosphere of harmony, warmth, passion and joy. Looking back 2018, we worktogether, work hard, and gain together; look forward to 2019, with a same goaland full of confidence, we believe the future of Stone New Materials will bemore brilliant than ever.

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